Infidelity is considered to be one of the contested topics in India emotionally, ethically, socially, legally, and morally. Gleeden reports state that around 55% of married Indians in India have cheated on their partner at least once in a lifetime. Moreover, 48% of the population in India has this assumption in their minds that it is possible to be in love with two people at a time while 46% of Indians believe it is okay to cheat on a person even when they are in love with them.

In India, marriage is considered to be a relationship between two people who will remain loyal to their partner in both good and bad times. But with the advancement of technologies, there have been excess options in the workplace, social media platforms, and various online dating apps and it has become pretty easy for people to form new connections. These ways are making the Indians rethink the traditional approach of being committed to their partners for a lifetime. The Gleeden survey also stated that the number of people indulging in infidelity through online dating apps has increased to a huge number in recent years. 

Reasons why extramarital affairs have become common in India 

Here are some of the most common reasons why Indians cheat on their partners.

  • According to Gleeden reports, around 77% of Indian women end up cheating on their partners as they are bored with their monotonous married life. 
  • A lot of Indians have been found to be indulged in cases of infidelity with their neighbors. 
  • As per reports, 57% of men and 52% of women in India have cheated on their partners while having a business trip. 
  • As the Supreme Court of India had abolished section 377 of the constitution which criminalized same-sex extramarital relationships, there was around a 45% increase in same-sex extramarital relationships. 
  • It is also common for Indians to get engaged in physical intimacy with someone else while they are having a long-distance relationship with their partners. 
  • A lot of places in India still have the concept of early marriage. People who marry early get stable later. At that point after achieving stability, people assume that they did not really enjoy their life at their young ages and find it exciting to have an extramarital affair or get indulged in infidelity. 
  • Marriages due to family and societal pressure are still at the top ranking for Indians. They marry due to pressure and later regret it. And if they find someone better than their current spouse, they end up having an affair with them.

Types of extramarital affairs 

There are various types of extramarital affairs happening around the globe. People indulge in these affairs for various reasons. Let us check out the most common types of extramarital affairs.

Lusty Affairs

A lot of Indians are likely to cheat on their partners due to lust. It means that such extramarital affairs often occur for physical pleasure. A person having a lusty affair has no intention of leaving their partner. Also, lusty affairs do not last for very long.

Emotional Attachment Affairs 

This kind of extramarital affair causes a lot of disaster in a marriage. It is equally evil as being physically intimate with someone else rather than your partner. People involved in emotional attachment affairs are very much connected. They keep on updating each other about everything happening in their day-to-day life.  

Whenever a person is indulged in an emotional attachment affair, they no longer feel connected with the one they are married to.

Financial Dependency Affairs 

Financial dependency extramarital affairs often occur due to selfish reasons. It happens when one partner in the marriage gets attracted to another person who has a lot of money and is willing to spend their money on them. They are willing to take your partner on dates, buy them expensive gifts, etc leading to having an extramarital affair.

Imaginary Affairs

This kind of extramarital affair is often one-sided. We, humans, are blessed with the ability to imagine a lot of realistic and unrealistic things. The same happens in the case of imaginary affairs. People end up liking someone from their workplace, gym, neighborhood, etc who often spends a lot of time with them. And the person willing to have an extramarital affair with them gets convinced on their own that they will leave their partner or indulge in an affair.


Extramarital affairs are pathological. The only way through which you can avoid extramarital affairs is by establishing a strong emotional, mental, and physical connection between you and your partner. However, if you feel suspicious about your spouse indulging in infidelity cases, then the best way to solve it is by hiring a detective agency in Jaipur. They will help you to gather strong pieces of evidence and come to a good conclusion about what to do and what not to do.